Sport Injuries

Every year, millions of people experience orthopedic injuries and conditions, resulting in millions of visits to physician offices, clinics or emergency rooms. Ross Clinic gives you access one of the highest levels of chiropractic sports medicine in the Madison and Huntsville areas.

If you are active in sports or just a weekend warrior, you might experience aches and pains or even more serious acute injuries, such as muscle strains or tendon injuries. Common sports injuries include sprained ankles, knee or low-back pain, shin splints, rotator cuff injuries, Achilles tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, and golf or tennis elbow. Learn about common injuries and listen to your body. With pain or a suspected injury, seek nonsurgical evaluation and treatment at Ross Chiropractic Clinic.

Why Choose Us

As a lifelong athlete and sports enthusiast Dr. Ross has always had a passion for sports medicine and treating sports related injuries. Dr. Ross was team doctor for the UAH hockey team for 25 years. He continues to treat athletes from the local high school and colleges in North Alabama.
In treating sports injuries it is an advantage to have played sports. Dr. Ross has played many sports on a competitive and recreational level. This gives him insight into the specific demands placed on athletes.

How We Treat It
Your treatment plan may include:

  • evaluation of your technique

  • your equipment

  • your training

  • diet

  • correction of muscle imbalances with individualized video assisted exercise programs

  • orthopedic and neurological examination

  • manipulation of the involved joints to restore normal motion and biomechanics

  • soft tissue techniques to break up and prevent scar tissue and adhesions

  • use of braces or taping for joint support

  • physical modalities to reduce pain, swelling, inflammation and accelerate healing such as interferential electric stim, therapeutic ultrasound or robotic laser therapy

You can get relief.

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