Your First Visit

History and Consultation

The first step for a new patient is to complete a health history form. Everything possible should be included on this form (such as old injuries, chronic problems and the patient's present symptoms). After reviewing the health history and medical records from the referring physician (if the patient has been referred), the doctor meets with the patient to discuss his or her problem and to determine if they are a candidate for treatment in our office.‚Äč


After a personal consultation with the patient, the doctor then performs a thorough examination. It is at this time that appropriate diagnostic studies may be ordered if indicated. This may include examination through x-ray, MRI, CT Scan, laboratory studies, and other diagnostic procedures.

Treatment Plan

After evaluating your medical history and performing an examination and diagnostic studies, we will develop a comprehensive treatment plan for you. This will include treatment options provided at Ross Clinic or a referral to the appropriate medical specialty that will best treat your condition.