First Visit

What to expect your first visit

After review of your history intake form Dr. Ross a Huntsville chiropractor will take an extensive history and review your past treatments and diagnostic tests.
Then a comprehensive examination will be performed followed by diagnostic testing depending on your needs. This may include taking radiographs (x-rays) at our office and possibly referring out for an MRI, CT scan or lab work.

Dr. Ross will then review the findings and create a treatment plan. The plan with options will be presented to the patient. The plan is agreeable to the patient he will begin treatment or you will be referred to the appropriate medical specialist.

In the beginning your treatment plan will be whatever Dr. Ross thinks will work best and is agreeable to you. If it is not working to his or your expectations options will be presented.

In some cases a team approach is necessary and we will work with your family physician, orthopedic or spine specialist.
You will also be presented with a home health care plan which will include things such as: how to lift and do chores properly, workstation ergonomics and an individualized video assisted exercise program.

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