Text neck

Staring down at your cell phone or gaming screen places additional stress on your neck, shoulders, and upper back - causing pain with repetitive use. In fact, for every inch that your head tilts forward, your spine undergoes an additional 10 pounds of strain. The following tips can help limit problems:

  • Be mindful of your posture while using your tech devices - position your monitor, tablet, or smartphone so that you’re not tilting your head downward. Ideally, when holding your head upright, the center of your screen should be at eye level.

  • Sit with good posture - try to keep your ears lined up directly over your shoulders, pinch shoulder blades together, and look straight-forward.

  • Avoid cradling a phone between your ear and neck - holding this unnatural posture for a long time can cause pain.

  • Limit phone use - the more time you spend on your phone, the more conscious you have to be about a healthy posture.

  • Take a break at least every 20 minutes - if you have to be on your phone, mix it up with a periodic stretch break or some aerobic activity!

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