Robotic Laser Therapy

Sometimes surgery is the only choice. Other times, you have options.

MLS Laser Therapy is the most advanced laser therapy system available, offering our patients an alternative to injections and other invasive treatments. Laser therapy is a painless, drugless, noninvasive way to help you recover from painful and costly injuries and conditions. So, what exactly is it and what can it be used for?


MLS Laser Therapy uses a patented multiwave, fully robotic laser to significantly reduce pain and inflammation, while also promoting soft tissue repair. Two wavelengths are used in unison, penetrating the affected area of the body for optimal results. Each wavelength delivers different results:

  • Wavelength 1: continuous laser at 808 nanometers; reduces inflammation and swelling

  • Wavelength 2: pulsed laser at 905 nanometers; reaches deeper into tissue and nerves for pain relief

An energetic synergy is created when delivering these wavelengths that produces greater anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving effects than either can produce on its own, while minimizing the risk of thermal damage. It is this unique combination and synchronization of continuous and pulsed emissions that characterizes MLS and distinguishes it from other Class IV lasers.

Once absorbed by the body, these specific wavelengths of light promotes a cascade of cellular activity, including: igniting the production of enzymes; stimulating mitochondria and ATP synthesis; increasing vasodilation and lymphatic drainage; and elevating collagen formation substances to prevent the formation of scar tissues.

As a result of exposure to the MLS Laser, the cells of tendons, ligaments and muscles can repair themselves up to 30% faster, getting you back to your normal life quickly and safely!


Once the treatment begins, the robotic head will continuously guide a laser beam atop the skin, completing multiple passes over the treatment area. All of you have to do is remain still and relax as the treatment completes itself! Some patient experience a comfortable sensation at the point of application, while others report feeling nothing at all during the treatment.

The number of treatments prescribed depends on the nature of the condition being treated. Like antibiotics, each treatment is cumulative in its effectiveness, building off the previous treatments; therefore, expect to see improvement as you proceed through your treatment plan. Most patients experience positive results in 1 to 3 treatments, with the average course of treatment being 6 to 12 sessions. It is critical that once you start, you complete the course of treatments recommended by your doctor or symptoms are likely to reoccur.


MLS Laser Therapy effectively treats pain and inflammation associated with many conditions, including:

  • Plantar Fasciitis

  • Neuromas

  • Neuropathies

  • Arthritis

  • Sports injuries

  • Tendon & ligament injuries

  • Back & joint pain

  • Muscle sprains & strains

  • Tendonitis

  • Wounds

  • Post-surgical swelling

  • Disc disease


Patients benefit from MLS Laser Therapy in many ways, beyond the healing capabilities of the treatment:

  • Rapid relief of pain without the use of addictive prescription painkillers

  • Strong anti-inflammatory effect

  • Non-surgical treatment

  • No negative side effects

  • Timely healing of sprains and strains

  • Rapid recovery of the structural integrity of injured region

  • Rapid resolution of swollen areas

  • Immediate improvement of local blood circulation

  • Rapid repair of superficial injuries, such as wounds and ulcers


MLS Laser Therapy is quickly becoming the standard of care in alleviating both acute and chronic pain. The Cutting Edge MLS M6 Laser is one of the most technologically advanced therapeutic Class IV lasers approved by the FDA. Short for “Multi-Wave Lock System”, MLS is a patented technology that utilizes a combination of wavelengths that are synchronized to work together.

Unlike early-generation Class IV technology, MLS Laser Therapy has the capability to deliver controlled laser energy. This unique feature provides more accurate therapeutic dose delivery, which means consistent and repeatable results. Additionally, the MLS Laser is capable of delivering over 100x more healing energy than the most powerful devices of the previous generation. More power means shorter treatment times, less therapy needed and immediate pain relief.

At Ross clinic we have been using laser therapy for the last 15 years with great success. With our new MLS M6 Robotic Laser we are getting unprecedented results.

You can get relief.

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